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Elisa and Goliath in Awakening
The Elisa and Goliath Story

w e l c o m e   t o  The Elisa and Goliath Story  w e b s i t e
The Elisa and Goliath Story Awards...

Puck"Welcome to the Elisa and Goliath Story Awards... to enter the Contest you may enter only One story in Each Category, and all stories must be your own. Stories are required to be between G-R rating's only, please.

"After reviewing the Voting side of the Contest, the following changes in the rules for voting have been made:

Every voter may vote for a Maximum of Three stories Per Category. However, you are only allowed to vote within each category once. When voting commences, and you vote with there only being a few stories nominated thus-far, you can revote at any time using the form (these will over-ride your old votes). Please do not ask me what the Tally stands at, this information will not be revealed until all votes have been counted and revealed on the website.

"You may not vote in the same category more than once, per email address (so please use a valid email address when you vote). If you have further enquiries regarding the contest, please email me at

"To enter the contest, or nominate an entry, please fill out the Entry Form on this page.

"If you would like to read the current submissions, they are found below:"

Best Angst:

Best Short Story:
(3,000 words or less)

Best Hurt/Comfort:

Best Romance:
An End...A Beginning .. by Jenigoyle
(PG/Maybe R)
Read Story .. Vote for Story

Best Drama:

Best Action/Adventure:

Best Overall Story:
(revealed after voting is completed)

Top Author:
(revealed after voting is completed)


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