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“Things Have a Way” DownTime

written by Corrie McDermott

Disclaimer: Gargoyles and it’s characters belong to Disney and BVTV. No copyright infringement is intended. Any characters not on the show belong to me.

Elisa drummed her fingers on the inside of the car door. She was sitting inside of Matt's car and the two were out waiting at the scene of what was expected to be a crime. Instead of trying to track down whoever was responsible for the attack at 45th and Lexington she was in her partner's car trying to stop an auto theft ring. It had been 4 days since the attack and though she hated to admit it, the attack had changed her. After all she had been through she couldn't believe she was looking over her shoulder every few seconds, nervously eyeing anyone that would come too close to her. She didn't think that she was paranoid but she wasn't herself. She had the feeling that someone was watching her and it wasn't Goliath and the clan. It was an unknown presence that frightened her and made her feel vulnerable. Or maybe it was the combination of that presence and the absence of the clan that made her feel utterly vulnerable. Nonetheless it was a feeling that didn’t sit well with her. At one time she thought that if she distanced herself from the clan that she would start to feel somewhat normal again but she had been fooling herself. She missed the clan more and more with each passing night. Most of all she missed Goliath. They had become much closer in the previous year. So close that she realized that she had developed feelings that went well beyond friendship for the lavender gargoyle. It was obvious from the tone of voice and the intimate way he touched her hair on occasion that he definitely felt the same way. But what could they ever have beyond the close friendship they now shared? Even though she realized that she loved him she didn’t think it could go anything beyond the feelings they shared.  A romantic relationship would be out of the question, no matter how much they both wanted one. 

The strange thing was that even though she knew it was impossible, they both still acted as if it could be so. She was far more guarded with her feelings then Goliath was. It was she who denied the possibility of them ever falling in love, nevermind pursuing a romantic relationship.  He may have denied it as well, but he didn’t show it or she didn’t notice it. The events of the Hunters and Demona made her realize that she loved Goliath. She could admit that to herself now. The small kiss she had planted on Goliath’s shocked but satisfied face made him realize that he wasn’t alone in his feelings. But how would they progress? Could they? The evening she had planned for them had been a complete disaster.  Would every time they got together be like that? She sighed and a voice over the radio brought her back to reality.

There had been a break-in at a jewelry store. Units were already responding and they already had their backup.  She sank into the seat pulling the collar of her jacket closer to her neck and she crossed her arms over her chest.

 “You cold?” Matt asked her. They hadn’t spoken much that night she realized.

 “A little.” She admitted.

 “I can turn on the car and put the heat on.” He offered.

 “No. It’s all right. Besides we don’t want to give away our location or the element of surprise.” He nodded but continued to stare at her, Almost as if he were waiting for her to say something else.  Finally she looked at him. “What’s up Matt?”

 “You look really tired tonight. When was the last time you had a night off?”

 “I’m fine reall-“

 “When did you last have a night off?”

 “I don’t know,  2 weeks ago maybe.”

 “I know they wanted you to make up some time for being away so long, but that’s ridicules. I thought they just added Wednesday nights and an occasional Monday. That’s the nights we’ve been working extra together.”

 “The nights you don’t work I’ve been filing reports, doing paperwork.”

“Sheesh. So you haven’t seen the guys then have you?”

She shook her head. “That’s not sitting too well with them, but they know that I’m at work.”

 “That hasn’t stopped them and you from getting together before.”

 “Yeah well Goliath and I had a talk about them not patrolling the city for a while. He agreed to a week initially but I said until things calmed down.  He didn’t like that idea very much. Especially after what happened Wednesday night he’s become even more protective of me. But I made him see that both of us would be in even more danger if he came to see me. Same with the guys and Angela. They need to stay put.”

 “So the only way you can see them is if you go to the Eyrie. That’s rough. I feel bad for them. I mean they’ve been protecting the city for 2 years and because of Demona and the stupid Quarry Men they’re suddenly seen as criminals.”

 “That really hurts them. Goliath especially. He hasn’t said it out right but I know it’s hurting him. He has tried so hard to fit in. He wants so badly for there to be peace between gargoyles and humans. And every time things are looking up, something knocks the clan way down.”

Matt shook his head.

The night turned out to be a waste of time or perhaps they had deterred the auto thieves, but one thing was sure. They spent the night sitting pretty silent in Matt’s car. It was an odd night for both of them. Usually Elisa drove, but her car was in the shop. She would have it back the following afternoon.  She looked tired and her mind seemed elsewhere.  They returned to the makeshift precinct and parted company. He had a meeting with the Captain and she planned on filing the paperwork from the case.  She was nearly through when Captain Chavez neared her desk.

 “Hi Captain.” She greeted. “Come for the paperwork?”

 “That and to see for myself if what Detective Bluestone said was true.”

 “What has Matt told you?” she asked with annoyance.

 “He’s concerned about you. It’s true that we have you working overtime to make up some time but I didn’t realize it would be so hard on you.”


 “You look dead tired and I’m pulling you off the roster for the next 3 nights. Get some sleep, go shopping, whatever relaxes you. I should have been paying closer attention. I don’t want you dropping on me.”

 “But Captain-“

 “I don’t want to hear it Maza. Put that paperwork on my desk and go home.”

Elisa did as she was instructed and hailed a cab home. She unlocked her door and slipped in, flipping the lights on. Cagney was asleep by the television she noticed. As she neared the kitchen to put her gun away she saw that her answering machine was blinking. She locked up the gun and lightly touched the message button. The message was silent and she began to walk away thinking someone had the wrong number and the machine recorded the silence, but as she neared the living room a voice stopped her.

 “Elisa? This is Goliath. Xanatos has given us a telephone to use, should we ever need it.” Silence again. “Elisa, I…I hope that you are all right.” There was hesitation in his voice. “I know that you have been on duty much more then usual, but I hope you will visit us soon.” Another silence and a deep sigh. “I miss you.” She heard the sound of the phone hang up and the machine beeped letting her know that was the end of the message.

 “Oh Goliath.” She sighed. She glanced at the clock on her microwave and realized that sunrise would be soon. She wouldn’t have any time to call him, never mind stop in for a visit. She knew that she would be picking up her car the following afternoon. For the first time in a long while, she smiled as she thought about surprising the clan with a visit. After all she did have 3 nights off. She had been angry that Matt had told the Captain, she hated to appear weak, but she needed this time off. She shut the lights off and went into her bedroom and changed into her pajamas. She climbed into bed and soon she was fast asleep.

4pm the following afternoon she hailed a cab to her mechanics.

 “Detective Maza, Great timing. I just finished working on her.”

 “Great Joe.” She smiled.

 “What happened to her? She has tons of damage to the right side. That must have been a nasty accident. At least you are both ok.”

Elisa grinned. She always loved how Joe Fisher made her car out to be a person.   “Yeah we’re no worse for wear.” She told him, running her hand along the freshly painted side. He always made her car look like new.

 “Go easy with this girl. This is the 3rd time in a month that you’ve brought her here.”

 “Don’t worry, you know she’s in good hands.”

Joe nodded. “This beauty is a classic, she’s getting too old for all this kind of stuff.”

 “She may be old but she’s reliable and that’s what I like about her.” She walked with Joe to one of the desks and picked up her bill. Not too bad considering the damage. Joe always treated her well. He had fixed her father’s cars in the past and now he was taking care of hers. She wrote him a check , started her car up and went home.  She ate a quick supper and quickly drove to the Eyrie building. She was feeling a little more refreshed after sleeping and getting her car back. And she was eager about seeing the gargoyles.

She flashed her security card at the guard on the first floor and then rode the elevator to the castle. She could see outside the window that the sky was beginning to turn pink and orange. She raced up the stairs to the top tower and stopped.  A childlike giddiness filled her as she looked up to see Goliath frozen in stone. He was in a fierce pose as he overlooked the city. The sky was growing darker and suddenly little cracks began to appear in the stone. They multiplied and widened as Goliath awakened. His stone skin flew out in all directions.  She watched him stretch his mighty wings and he looked down. He watched the rest of his clan awaken and they soon filtered into the castle. He turned after watching them and his eyes widened. He blinked wondering if he was seeing things.

 “Hi Big Guy.” Elisa said stepping forward. She watched him jump down from his parapet. He moved towards her slowly and stopped a few feet in front of her.

 “How? I thought you had to work?”

 “The Captain gave me a few nights off. I thought I would spend them with the clan.” He smiled at this.

 “They will be happy to see you. Angela has said many times that she misses you. Broadway as well.”

 “I miss them too.” She put her hands into her pockets. ‘I got your message.” She said softly.

He looked puzzled for a moment and then it dawned on him. “Yes, Xanatos has given us a telephone should we need to contact you.”

 “That was nice of him. I’ll have to get a hold of the number if I need to get in touch with the clan.”

 “Yes.” He said deeply.  A silence developed and only the wind could be heard as it howled around them.

“Goliath”  “Elisa” they both started. He nodded for her to continue. “I just wanted you to know, that I’ve been ok.” He nodded. “And… I’ve missed you too.”

He took one step and closed the gap between them. He knew if she admitted this openly to him that it must be true. He knew how guarded she was about her feelings. He smiled down at her and placed a talon on her shoulder. She smiled in return and covered his talon with her hand.

“We should go downstairs. The others will want to see you.” He told her. He withdrew his talon away from her slowly, and she let her hand linger over his before they both made their way down the stairs.

They emerged into the hall and were greeted instantly by Bronx. He rushed to Elisa nearly toppling her over. “Hey boy, I’m happy to see you too.” She scratched his ears.  Lexington and Brooklyn greeted her next. They were further down the hall. Lexington was doing something on the computer and Brooklyn had been watching.

“Elisa, we’ve missed you. We’re glad to know that you’re ok. We’ve all been a bit worried.” Lex told her.

“yeah. We’re aren’t used to not being able to see you. Of course some of us are handling it better then others.” Brooklyn told her. There was no doubt that he meant that a certain lavender gargoyle wasn’t handling the absence of the Detective so well.

“It’s been rough on me too. I liked being able to go upstairs and see you all when I had my coffee break. One of the benefits of the clock tower.” She said with some sadness in her voice. “How are Angela and Broadway?”

“They should be in the kitchen. Broadway has been showing Angela how to cook.”

“They switch off every night.” Goliath added. “One night they will read in the library and the next they will spend time perfecting their favorite dishes.”

Elisa smiled at this. “I’ll see you two later.” The young gargoyles nodded and went back to the computer.

As Elisa and Goliath entered the kitchen they heard giggling and they were greeted with a huge mess! “What is going on in here?” Goliath demanded when he saw flour all over the floor. He and Elisa walked further into the kitchen to find Broadway and Angela covered in flour.

“Elisa!” They both cried. Broadway raced to her, picking her up and spinning her with excitement. Angela took the quiet approach and hugged Elisa after Broadway put her down.

“Looks like you two are playing more then baking.” She laughed.

“Broadway started it.” Angela said innocently. “He dropped the bag of flour too hard onto the counter and it went everywhere.”

“Hey it wasn’t my idea to have a flour fight. Angela came up with that idea.”

Elisa shook her head. “Have your fun but make sure you clean up after yourselves.” Goliath told them.

“We will father. I’m so glad that you came by to visit us Elisa. Were you in the neighborhood?”

“Actually I have a few nights off and thought I’d see how everyone was doing.”

“Oh how wonderful!” Angela realized that her father was standing patiently by the human woman’s  side. She could tell from his relaxed attitude that he was very happy that Elisa was there.  “We’re going to start cleaning up this mess and make the apple pie we were supposed to make. Please don’t forget to say goodbye to us when you leave Elisa.”

      ‘I won’t.” she waved at the two young gargoyles and Angela smiled as she watched her father follow Elisa out of the kitchen. In the hallway Elisa looked up to Goliath and noted, "Well the two of them seem to be getting...close."

"Yes." Goliath answered simply. The sparkle in his eyes betrayed his happiness.

“Hudson must be watching TV, right?” Elisa asked as she and Goliath continued down the hall. Her question was answered when she heard laughter coming from the parlor.  She and Goliath entered the room to see Hudson laughing in his armchair. Elisa smiled as she looked to TV and saw him watching the 3 Stooges.

“My father used to love this show.” She let out.

“Lass. I dinnea hear you come in. It’s good to see you again.” She was surprised when Hudson got up from the chair and gave her a hug. ‘We’ve missed you lass.”

"I've missed you all as well. My life just hasn't been the same with out you guys."

      "Ours has not been the same either." Goliath let out softly.

She and Goliath stayed a few more moments and then started back through the hallway. They walked silently and Goliath opened a door and they both stepped in. it was a small room with a window to the right and a fireplace to the left. There was a large couch and a television and a bookshelf filled with old books.  ‘I haven’t been in here Goliath. What room is this?”

      “Just a study. “ he said softly. For the first time since she had arrived he didn't mask his true feelings. He reached for her pulling her to him in a tight embrace. She sighed against him and she just let him hold her for a little while. “I am so happy that you are here.” He told her gently stroking her dark hair.

“I’m happy to be here, finally. My visit is long overdue.” Goliath said nothing to this but continued to stroke her hair. This was a rare moment that they had some time together.

“What should we do tonight?” he asked her. He didn’t care what she wanted to do, as long as he could be in her presence.  She picked up her head to look up at him and he stared down at her. He truly loved this woman with all of his being.

“I wouldn’t remind relaxing. Maybe we could watch a movie. See if there is anything good on TV.” She suggested.  He nodded. He didn’t watch TV very much, but perhaps he would enjoy the experience more if he watched it with Elisa.

      Elisa sat down on the couch and he followed her lead, gently sitting on the large cushions as he capped his wings over his shoulders. She took off her jacket and slung it over the back of the couch. She then took off her boots and put them under the small table by the side of the couch. She reached for the remote and began to flip through the channels. She found a documentary about castles. He wasn’t as interested in the castles as he was in Elisa’s behavior. He was watching her out of the corner of his eye. She would draw her knees to her chest, and then moments later cross one leg over the other and she would switch her position every few moments. She appeared uncomfortable and she suddenly looked tired.  It had grown late, he realized.

“Elisa.” He called. She turned her face to look at him. He had his arms open and he was clearly inviting her to sit closer to him. She smiled and moved closer to him. She was slightly surprised when he put his talons on each side of her waist and picked her up to lay her across his lap.

“Are you not comfortable?” he asked when he saw the look of surprise on her face.

She shook her head and settled against him, her head resting against his chest and right arm and her legs resting over his left leg and the couch. The position she realized was much more comfortable then where she had been previously. “Actually. “ she said after a few moments. “I’m very comfortable.” That earned her a broad smile and then both went back to watching the documentary.

It was a lengthy documentary, lasting a good two hours. Goliath had been fascinated by it. “That was very good and most informative.” He announced when the end credits rolled. When he got no response he looked down at Elisa. He smiled when he realized that she was sleeping. Her face was buried into his side and one hand was resting against his  lower chest. She looked peaceful and very beautiful. Her long dark hair was cascading over his arm. She took in and let out small breaths. He watched her for a long time, drawn in by her beauty. He noticed something in her hair and realized that it was flour, probably from when Angela had hugged her. He gently smoothed it out of her hair and  watched as she snuggled closer to him. Finally he pulled his eyes away from her. He reached over and pulled the small chain connected to the lamp, shutting the light off. With one wing he reached for the remote control and shut the television off. They were in almost complete darkness, except for some moonlight which shone in through the window. He lowered one wing over Elisa’s sleeping form and sank back completely into the cushions of the couch. Soon images of the beautiful human in his arms filled his thoughts. He wondered if she had any idea how much he loved her. He wasn’t the least bit ashamed to admit to himself that he might love her more then he ever loved Demona.  He was no longer afraid of what he felt for this woman and he hoped that she felt the same way about him. He wanted to take one day at a time and see where fate led them.  As long as she could be by his side, he decided that he could brave anything. He closed his eyes and let thoughts of Elisa consume him. The Quarry Men and any other problems outside of the room were temporarily forgotten.

* * *

“It looks perfect.” Angela announced with delight. She proudly admired the apple pie she had taken out of the oven moments before.

“Looks perfect to eat.” Broadway said rubbing his stomach and licking his lips.

“Well.” Angela said moving closer to him with a grin. “That’s what it was made for.”  They heard a noise coming from behind them and they moved apart watching Hudson come into the room with Bronx following closely at his heels.

“Somethin’ smells good.” He commented.

“Broadway and I made a pie.” Angela said proudly. She really was beginning to enjoy cooking.

“Is it ready ta eat?” Hudson asked gazing at the pie hungrily.

“It just came out of the oven, but it’s ready. Would you like a piece?” Angela offered.

“Lass, do birds have wings? Is the sky blue? Of course I want a piece.” He joked. He already had a small plate balanced on his talon.  Bronx was whining at his feet. “And I think Bronx would like ta sample a piece as well. Wouldn’t ya boy?” The gargoyle dog happily ran circles around the older gargoyle’s feet.  Angela laughed at his antics.

“Gee, perhaps Lexington and Brooklyn would like a piece. Maybe the whole city wants one.” Broadway said harshly. Angela shot him a look as she handed a plate of pie to Hudson.

“Ach no. Lexington and Brooklyn are too occupied with checkin out the computer that controls the new security system that Xanatos installed. They been fussin’ with it for hours.”

Broadway was beginning to forget his harsh words when Angela said “Perhaps I should take some pie to Father and Elisa.”

Hudson shook his head, his mouth too full of the pie to answer verbally.  Angela placed a plate of pie on the floor for Bronx, which he devoured in seconds, not leaving a single crumb.

“I guess he liked it.” She laughed and she patted his head.

“Leave Goliath and Elisa be.” Hudson finally said. “Tis a rare event for the lass ta have a night off. She and Goliath are probably talkin things over. The city’s been in chaos ever since the Quarry Men reared their ugly faces.  And Goliath has ne been taken being cooped up in the castle so well. Elisa will calm him down and talk some sense inta him. She always does.”

Angela sighed deeply. “It’s so unfair. We’ve been trying so hard to make peace with the humans and they won’t have any part of it. I was raised by humans and I’ve seen humans and gargoyles that live together in peace. There has to be a way.”

“Aye, there does have to be one. But I fear an alliance is a long way off, and it won’t happen in my lifetime, maybe not in any of ours.” He admitted sadly.

* * *

He didn’t know how much time had passed but suddenly the sleeping form in his arms was waking. He smiled, his fangs sparkling in the dim moonlight as she whispered his name softly. For a moment she didn’t know where she was. She only knew that she was with Goliath.  She opened her eyes, feeling warm and content and very unwilling to move.  She shifted her head to look up and she saw Goliath smiling down at her.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked painfully soft.

“Too well.” She said sitting up and pushing herself onto the cushions beside him.

“You were comfortable?” he questioned. She nodded.  And then there was that silence again. She could sense the nervousness in him.  She felt it herself. They never did talk about what happened the night he returned to the castle.  The thought of how he had touched her hair lingered in her mind as she sat next to him. Suddenly his talon was resting on her shoulder. “Are you all right? You seemed…miles away.”

“Just thinking.” She answered simply.


“A little of this and a little of that.” She answered.

He hated her riddles. He wished that she would stop dancing around him with what she truly felt inside. She did this with everyone around her, not just him. Bottling up her feelings inside her at times she should let them be free. He sighed deeply.

“Uh oh, what’s wrong big Guy?”

“Why should I share when you do not?” he asked sarcastically, folding his arms over his enormous chest.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked taken back by his words.

“Why should I always let you know what’s wrong when you will not share what’s wrong? If we are ever to grow… closer, we must not be afraid to let each other know what we think about something or feel.”

She understood now. He wanted to advance their relationship in some way.  “I.. I’m not sure I’m ready to bear my soul yet Goliath.” She admitted openly.

 “I don’t want to know every secret you carry with you. I want to know what you are feeling, what’s wrong with you when something is so I can help you.  I don’t want you to push me away as you usually do. I know you are secreative. I guess…” he trailed off.

“You just don’t want me to be secreative with you.” She finished and he nodded. She sighed. “Goliath, I can’t change overnight. I’ve been the way I am for a long time. Years and I act this way for a reason. I… I’ve been burned badly in the past. It’s caused me to keep things in and living on my own for so long, I’ve gotten used to keeping things to myself. It’s not that I don’t trust you.”

“If you trust me with your life, why don’t you trust me with your feelings?”

“I do trust you, but as I’ve said I have to get used to sharing things. I’m not used to it.”

“You don’t even tell me how work has been.”

“Goliath I’m not going to tell you every insignificant detail of a night of work or my life. You really don’t want to hear about my car being fixed, how the store was out of chocolate ice cream, this paper I filled out, or how some of my co workers are a bunch of asses.”

“But I do want to know. I want to know everything about you.” His voice was thick with emotion.

She shook her head, her hair flowing like silk around her. “You have your own problems, you don’t need to hear mine.”

“You are clan, family.” He told her simply. “We share things with each other and try to help out. That doesn’t change for you. We all care if something is bothering you, which something clearly is, otherwise you would not be trying so hard to hide it.”

He knew her well, she realized. Just as she was beginning to know his moods and ways that he reacted to things. All the time they spent together on the skiff had made them notice things about each other they might not have noticed before. She heard the frustration projecting in his voice. If they were ever going to move on with the strange relationship they had, they needed to start somewhere.  “I’m being followed by reporters.” She blurted out. She still couldn’t get out what she was really feeling. How do you tell a 7 ft, 300 lb gargoyle who you think you are in love with that despite your feelings you still think this relationship is impossible? That you’re still confused as hell.


“I’m a cop, they follow cops to try and squeeze stories out of them. “ She said pulling her mind back to reality. “Although they aren’t getting much from me. They’re just aggravating the hell outta me.”

“What do they want?”

“Juicy info for stories, what else does a reporter want? If I don’t give them anything, eventually they will leave me alone.”

“They had better.” He snarled.

“Or what? You’ll bounce them off a building? Scare one of them when they drive home? Look I can take care of myself. I don’t need help.” She suddenly said bitter and full of anger. She didn’t want to be babied. When she saw the look of shock on his face she mentally kicked herself. “Goliath I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.  I’m frustrated with them, I’m frustrated with these stupid Quarry Men and the fact that they are after the clan and that you have to stay cooped up in the castle. I’m sick of the jerks who cut me off in traffic and the punks that break the law, the people I keep seeing-” She stopped herself from continuing. If she continued she was sure that she would break down and she refused to do that in front of Goliath. He had enough to worry about. “I’m sorry.” She appologized again. “Maybe I don’t tell you everything because I don’t want you to worry.”

“I will worry just the same if not more if you don’t tell me.” She opened her mouth to protest and he silenced her with a talon to her lips.  “Remember when I tried to keep you from hurting because I knew that Derek and the others had gone back to Xanatos after their transformation? I tried to withhold information from you that I knew would hurt you and make you worry. I was wrong and I saw that and I made the decision never to do something like that again. Not only would it hurt you if I withheld things, it would betray your trust in me. What kind of friendship could we have if I kept things from you and was not totally honest? Do you not see that you are doing that same thing to me? You were angry with me from hiding things about Derek from you, your brother who you care about. Just as you are holding things back from me about you and I care about you.”

She lowered her head, realizing his truth spoke volumes. She had been very angry and hurt when Goliath told her that he was intentionally keeping things about Derek from her. He had always been very open and willing to tell her nearly anything and here he was hiding information from her. Important information about her  brother. She knew that his reason for keeping it a secret was not one of mistrust but of concern. He wanted to spare her pain even though he couldn’t possibly with all that had transpired. She never realized how protective of her he really was. She lifted her head and threw herself at him, hugging him tightly. The embrace surprised him but he returned it, gently holding her to him and embracing her within his wings. She sighed against him, remaining in their embrace. She let her head rest in the crook of his neck. Finally she lifted her head and looked at him. He stared at her, his eyes were gentle and full of emotion. “I’ll see what I can do about this opening up thing.” She whispered moving a stray lock of his hair from his face.

He grinned and brushed the left side of her hair behind her small ears. The room was growing brighter. “It will be sunrise soon.” The disappointment was thick in his voice.

“I know.” She whispered. She regretfully let go of him and sat back on the couch.

He stood, towering over her. “Will you be here when I awaken?”

She didn’t miss the hope within him. “Yes. I’ll be here.”  He grinned at her and then facing the window struck a fearsome pose. The sun positioned itself above the horizon and in seconds he transformed into stone. With a deep sigh she fell back onto the couch.