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A few Simple Guidelines


1. Absolutely NO racism or bigotry. Stories with non-consensual sex will NOT be posted, so if your fics contain such things, please don't send them to us.

2. Swearing is okay, but please don't have every second or third word being a cuss word, we'd like to keep the swearing to a minimum.

3. If your story has sexual content, swearing or violence, please put suitable warnings and ratings at the top of your story. This is to prevent young readers from reading stories that are not suitable for them to view. (ratings are, G, PG13, M, NC17 (sorry, we won't accept X rated fics))

4. Please do not send stories that are all one big paragraph, or stories that are all in lowercase letters (or uppercase for that matter either). If you need to, please ask a beta-reader to go over your work for you.

5. All stories MUST be in TXT format, please do not send any stories that have HTML coding in them.

6. Please don't be discouraged if your story/stories do not appear right away. I assure you that I will post your story, it just may take a few days. (an URL to your actual story will be posted to you if you provide us with a valid email address when your story/stories are submitted)

7. And last, but certainly not least... all work submitted MUST be your own, please do not send other's work and claim it as your own.