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Bright Life

by Denigoddess

I can recall your face from deep in my past
the magic of memories is how they last
we alway seem to forget that pain may arise
be it banished by ebony hair and sable eyes.

A part of you eludes me lke a floating mist
it dances just out of my reach?
What is it about you that entrances my heart?
What about you makes me forget how to speak?

In the warmth of the daylight you walk the Bright Life
While I am your shadow on the dark side of the glass
You bask in the sun and your live your real life
And there are those to make sure of my kind I'm the last.

You inspire me a Gargoyle's hunger
No human male will make you yearn with that raging heart's fire
what we have is so written to be always forbidden.
We damn ourselves by admitting our desire.

On the dark shild of shadow, I am a child of the night
while I see a blinding reflection in the glass
Bask in my love as you would in the sun
and let Destiny let no lot for us be cast.

From Dusk unti dawn we know passion's ways
and a forbidden now love is born
we will do whatever it takes to remain together
in Darkness and light we burn from the scorn.

On the bright side of light you walk the Bright Life.
While I am your shadow on the Dark side of the glass
We dance under the moon that we both know so well.
Is this the first love of it's kind?  Will tonight be our last?

Creatures of the night indeed we both are.
We question the Fates, "For what are we destined?"
Your answer comes to me as you press your lips against mine
But that doesn't cause the pain to lessen.

I remain as a stone as you live your life
you come and go whenever you have the time
Am I a fool to pursue you as a mate and a wife?
We hear the Cadance of Chronos and Father Time's rhyme.

As you walk down the path out of sight to the Bright Life
I see burning tears searing holes in the glass
My dreams melt away as the stone sharks fall about me
and this bittersweet love is a memory that lasts.