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This is poem that I wrote from our favorite
brooding hero's point of view.  With his
stoic outlook and morose demeanor,I wonder
what goes on inside a Gargoyle's heart?
Here Goliath contemplates this knew world
and how Elisa Maza is an inescapable and
essential part of it.

Goliath's Metropolitan Midsummer Night's Dream


The moon rises above the urban skyline
Glass and steel reflect the sun's final light.
Concrete below me echoes of daily light
as I break free, stretch my wings, and greet the night.

This strange way of life is new to me
it is a a hectic way of living.
The city below me is cold and harsh
her touch is cold and unforgiving.

This world is not made of stone and mortar
the glory of new life is on the neon horizon
I see Destiny relfected in glass and steel
It is an austere time to live and die in.

Yet the city below me has lead me to love
Elisa is laughter and tears in my eyes
I've partaken the forbidden fruit of the Big Apple.
She causes me to shine brightly in midnight skies.

In this magnificent age, she is my Only One.
Nothing shall be our bane
Our love burns until the last stars are gone
and fall to Earth as rain.

Neon shines upon her, my Beloved draped in starlight
Like gods, we fly over our domain
I am made speechless by her presence
and feel blessed when she speaks my name.

As my heart aches and I dream of My Elisa
the full moon decends in Western skies.
I know the Blessing the city has given me.
Dawn begins and I close my eyes


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