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The Elisa and Goliath Story

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Nov 30 - All Pages have been updated with the new pages. New Fan Fiction, Art Work and Theme Song Suggestions.

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Elisa and Goliath in Eye of the BeholderElisa and GoliathHe saved her life... She offered to help his clan...

Through the exterior of respect and trust they fell in love.

This is the Elisa and Goliath Story

If you're a fan of the hit Disney Television Series, GARGOYLES, then you'll know who Elisa and Goliath are.

But if you've come here by accident, don't leave just yet! As you have just stepped into the fantastic story of two beings from different worlds who found love where other's didn't think possible...  In each other.

Scene from The Hunter's MoonTraveling the shores of Avalon... fighting steel robots... dealing with matters of trust...

Join us as we, the Fans of Elisa and Goliath take you through OUR story, of the greatest love story Ever told.

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