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The Elisa and Goliath Story

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Theme Songs

Haere Ra (Farewell)
by Oceania

Paho nei taku reo mou
Tatangi ake nei ki nga maunga teitei
Huri ana te mata o te whenua
Amio ana ki nga moana

Mate ana au i te aroha
Karu whiwhita, he kamo momohe
Whakamanawa ana ki taku kiri
E taku tau, e taku ngakau pumau
Te tau o taku ate
E taku tau, taku manawa e

My voice reaches out to you
Resounding over the highest mountains
weaving through the contours of the
land, floating across oceans

I am lovesick
you with gentle eyes, soft eyelashes
warm to the touch
My love, my true love

You are the love of my life,
my love, my heart


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