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Elisa and Goliath in Awakening
The Elisa and Goliath Story

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The Fans

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Name: Puaena Mathews
Age: Yikes, must I? Ugh...mid-30s (Hey, I grew up on Speed Racer, came of age during Robotech, and I still think the Saturday morning cartoon version of Tarzan of the late 70s is hot. What can I say? I'm a cartoon-alohic. I am Cartoon Network's target audience and proud of it.)
Country and/or State: USA/Hawaii
Email Address: or
Home Page: none as yet
Favourite E & G Episode/s:

(Not in any particular order):

Awakenings, Parts 1-5
Seeing Isn't Believing
City of Stone, Part I-IV
The Mirror
Deadly Force

Favourite E & G Quote:

From "The Mirror":

Elisa to Goliath: Goliath, this is wonderful. You've been changed into a gargoyle.

Additonal Info About Yourself:
I love to read and I like to write. Prefer hiking to being in a gym. Went vegetarian after watching a truckful of chicken be toting off to the impending doom. Love Japanese animation, but will admit to a weakness for Hercules the Animated Series and Johnny Bravo. Love my family and actually like my job.

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