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The Elisa and Goliath Story

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Fan Fiction - Denigodess2001


These are all the Fan Fiction submitted to our archives by, Denigodess2001. You can contact her by email at,


Starfall Supernatural
This is a sequel to Starfall.Goliath laments in the Final Age of Gargoyles for his beloved wife. In one pristine moment of lucidity, he searches for the truest way to rid his heart of anguish in a world gone mad.

Beyond Starfall Supernatural
In an alternate universe gone mad, the world of Earth is seeing it’s final days. Devastated by a mage war with the Kiari (THE ANCIENT ANCESTORS OF THE FAE.) Earth is orbiting a dying star. Disaster, disease and famine have wiped over 95% of the population from the planet. A few of the people we know survive; Goliath, Beth, Demona and Arthur. These once-sworn enemies have banded together to find a way for our world to survive. Beth Maza reflects on the dark finality looming over them. They are in the final age; they are in Starfall.

Simpatica 1.0 General
“It happens now as we speak, Daughter of Gaia.” Skylaris, dragon goddess of Gargoyles, nodded in the direction of the reflection. “A Gargoyle’s love knows not pride nor arrogance. Goliath’s love for you is continuing as granite and affluent in tenderness. His heart is absent of cupidity. His way is to remain reticent and modest. His love is dauntless and selfless. You bring him elation and joy. His fortitude champions against Serendipity’s injustice. His heart seeks to find union with it’s truest, best destiny. You are his blessing to know. His love abides everything in serenity, possesses unquestioning devotion, embraces an aspiration of joy, and endures longer than the mountain stone. A Gargoyle’s heart loves you fiercely and well, Elisa Maza. Watch and learn.” ************** Elisa looks to the stars to direct her true, best destiny with Goliath. Be careful for what energy is cast, for it may come true.
PG-13 - Sexual content

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