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The Full Circle Webring
'The most romantic city in the world, and Goliath isn't even awake to enjoy it with me.'

HTML Fragment

Where it says SITE_ID in the HTML Fragment, change this to the Site ID you chose for your site. Then, copy and paste it into your HTML Page, Notepad, or other program you are using to edit your webpage.

If you chose MySite as your Site Id,;siteid=SITE_ID
Would become,;siteid=MySite

Change EMAIL@HERE.COM to your current email address. And where it says, YOUR_NAME, change to your name.

Please note, your Site ID must be exactly the same as you entered it on the Join form, so if you used all lower case letters, change SITE_ID to your Site ID, without any Capital Letters. It is case sensitive.

To copy the HTML Fragment, Select it from the Text Box below, then right click and select 'Copy', or use the Ctrl+C keys.

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If you'd like to have the Image with the White Base, keep the Image URL
in the above Fragment as it is, but if you'd like to have the Black Base, change

to circle2.jpg


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