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The Full Circle Webring
'The most romantic city in the world, and Goliath isn't even awake to enjoy it with me.'

"Goliath and Elisa are the most romantic couple in Gargoyles fandom. This ring explores that relationship in all of its aspects."

How Our Webring Works
Once you have submitted your Website's URL for Submission to the Ring, either Denigoddess or Demelza will check your link to ascertain that it follows within our Webring Requirements, and if it does, your website will be 'activated' on our list, and be included as an integral part of the webring.

I could also list updated news about my sites topic. For example, if my site were about a particular sport, Id could discuss the outcome of a recent competition.

Webring Requirements:

Pornographic pictures and/or stories are not permitted unless you have Age Verification and other Safe Guard's on your site to prevent younger visitors from viewing such items.

All Stories/Pictures MUST have Disclaimers, Ratings and Summaries (fiction).

Summaries cannot depict obsene words in Summaries or Titles.

Absolutely NO stories/pictures are permitted of non-consentual sexual activities. We don't agree with this, and hereby will INSTANTLY dismiss sites that contain such things. Nor do we allow stories that depict child abuse, racism, biggotry

Your site must have at least ONE Elisa and Goliath rated Story, but in the case where you just have an Elisa and Goliath dedication site, with no fan fiction, we can make allowances for your submission.

We like to ask all Ring Members to keep their site up-to-date as best they can. It's hard to do, we know, as there are many of you that are students.

The Ring Masters will, from time to time, check on websites to make sure that they are abiding by these Requirements. If we find that your site is NOT following them, your site will be de-activated from the list.

If you're still with us, thanks, below you can fill in your Website details, and you will be added to the UnActive list until either Denigoddess or Demelza checks your website, and then activates it.
(you will receive an email as soon as your website is activated on the webring)

Site Title

Description (max 250 characters)

Keywords (optional; max 150 characters)

Site Entry URL

HTML Code URL (leave blank if same as entry URL)

Site ID (letters and/or digits)

Name (name of the new site's webmaster)

Email ( email address of the new site's webmaster)


When you're finished, Click Here to retrieve the HTML Fragment to paste onto your webpage.

This Site is Owned by Denigoddess
& Demelza

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