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Elisa and Goliath in Awakening
The Elisa and Goliath Story

w e l c o m e   t o  The Elisa and Goliath Story  w e b s i t e

Puck"Ahh... true love is in the air (no pun intended)... the fair mortal, Elisa Maza and the gargoyle leader, Goliath, have been through so much, and shared countless 'moments' together that went toward the final episode which brought the couple to sharing their true feelings.

"Here you will find written transcripts of such special conversations and/or moments between this magical couple."


Hunter's Moon... part III
Goliath:  So, things have come full circle.
  Somehow they always do... you know how I feel about you, right?
Goliath:  How we, both, feel?  Yes.

...For It May Come True
Goliath:  Are we... married?
Elisa:  Last time I checked.

Elisa is dropping Goliath off at work when she kisses him on the cheek,
Goliath in turn kisses her on the lips.

Elisa:  Whoa, you are having a weird morning... not that I'm complaining.
Goliath gets out onto the footpath.

Elisa:  Love you!
She drives the van away.
Goliath:  I love you too.

  ::sigh:: The most romantic city in the world, and Goliath isn't
even awake to enjoy it with me.

(referring to Paris)

  Are you alright? Is there anything you need?
Goliath:  Yes, I need, a Detective.


If you have any other special moments between Elisa and Goliath that aren't listed here (we know there are a fair number of them), send them to the webmistress so they can be added to the list.
(full credit will of course be given if wanted)

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