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Elisa and Goliath in Awakening
The Elisa and Goliath Story

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Episodes - Deadly Force


By Puaena

By sheer luck, I came upon two Gargoyle videos at Suncoast and one of them had "Deadly Force" on it. I thought I would never get to see this episode. A strong morale tale about guns; a loving, intact family; a bad guy who doesn't do the bad deed; good guy(s) who go almost too far; and no one really gets what they want in a material sense. On the other hand, Elisa's life is saved, but the series is daring on how close they take it her to death. By doing so, the characters are forced beyond their normal boundaries. And it also has my second favorite E & G scene that is right after Broadway admits he shot Elisa. Goliath moves away with Broadway, but Elisa stops him and he brushes her hair and tells her that she is safe and to get some rest. I love that scene. It is so subtle, but it conveys so much. It's really a shame that Toon Disney doesn't show this episode.

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